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Friday, September 15, 2006

The Feeder Must Knit

Instead of complaining about our white fur being everywhere, we think The Feeder should knit us some jackets for the winter. Some nice people in Morgan Hill will create yarn from our fur. Ferdinand wants a matching beret too.


Blogger Dulie said...

Dear Belle and Ferdinand, You haven't met me or any one from the herd I live it but I just had to respond to your need for winter wear. My buddies and I are English Angoras, btw, my name is Oakley. We've all decided to blow our coats at the same time so our "Feeder" has lots of fur flying about, fawn, lilac, black... Odd thing, She's in love, singing and dancing in clouds of fluff, spinning yarn and knitting... but, hey, I'm think coats for me and my buds would be really great and much appreciated! Nothing worse than waiting for even the shortest amount of growth to keep our nakey hiney's warm!

Maybe we can request a bulk order?

Well, gonna go nibble the tail that connects to that white box our "Feeder" is always staring blankly into, that usually gets her attention real quick! ... I'm craving papaya...

Oakley, the Bare Hare!

1:58 PM  

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